Anonymous: Can we have some more shark bait drawings or doodles ? Pleaseee ? You know like ghost roach soap and some bromance going on? Or gayness yes xD please?

Well you know I’d really like to but I need the money. I cant just do free things anymore. Id like to, but cant. 

Ha aha Where have I been you ask? Nowhere. I am shit. Doing things and trying to live. Sleep. Be motivated. I really hate my life and at the same time love it. My own life. 

I wish I could wear makeup but all it does is irritate my skin. And it just feels  weird. But I want to wear it. I do.

Anonymous: I saw you irl omg

How did that happen? Your sure? I have a twin so you may of saw them.

UGhH. THE DREAMS. are they nightmares or what is happening?? They keep repeating again aand again and always tell me to find something. Fine the end. Find my scret. What was in my past? Stop it, what am i looking for?